RSS is an out of the box, unified recruitment solution built for companies doing large and small scale recruitment. Tailor made to your company needs and workflow.


Struggling to make your recruitment target?

Streamline your recruitment cycle! Automatic shortlisting and regretting. Keep candidates up to date via automatic email and sms campaigns. Run inhouse and external referral campaigns while keeping everyone in your team up to date.

How up to date is your candidate database?

Data can only be used and relied upon when it is qualified, relevant and current. This takes a lot of administration. RSS is built on top of a quality assurance and auditing platform which does this automatically. Multiple workflows keep candidate data reliable, current and up to date.


Quality Assurance

Candidate data is tested and verified constantly, no more duplicates or old candidate data.

Advanced Auditing

All actions documented in detail via audit trail. Everyone in your team is up to date

Business Intelligence

Useful reports can be drawn and valuable information passed to recruiters and managers.


The RSS platform is highly modifiable and able to adapt very quickly to client needs.

Dedicated administrators and call centre options

With this solution you will have at your disposal a team of dedicated administrators who can work full time on your data for less than the cost of a junior HR officer. Verify and clean your data with our call centre personnel at a fraction of the cost of employing someone to do it. Use experienced staff to gather valuable references and referrals for you.


Target Local And Expat Candidates Easily

Target and recruit the right candidates local or expat in Africa. Save up to 80% recruitment time by having current validated candidate data. Build your database fast via SMS, Email and Referral campaigns.


Advanced Database

Not just software but a methodology. A database that gathers information for you.


Collaborate with departments and different companies. Keep track of all documentation.


Get everyone on the same page by standardising your workflows and recruitment practices. Work from one centralised system

User Management

Instead of using technology to automate processes alone, think about using technology to enhance human interaction as well.

Need more information?

We'll research the market, identify and target relevant candidates as well as analyse competitors so that you can employ the best skills within African countries. We assist with recruitment drives from start to finish.


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